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Amazon Official Web Services

Amazon Inc. introduced its cloud platform Amazon Official Web Services in 2006. Since then, hundreds of thousands of customers in 190 countries use the power of multiple AWS Data Center infrastructure for the implementation of the set of scenarios by transferring to them part of their own infrastructure with servers, as well as creating a fault-tolerant and easily scalable web applications.
Amazon Official Web Services

Amazon Official Web Services

AWS remains one of the most innovative cloud providers (159 new features introduced in 2012 and 280 in 2013). AWS enables you to select the location of services in 9 regions located around the world, 25 distributed teams access to and delivery point 51 content (CDN)

Certified engineers last authorized vendor courses and passed the examinations. Amazon Official Web Services specialists will help to carry out the migration of IT systems, and will provide the necessary technical support.
Amazon Official Web Services Specialists

At any time it is possible to change the size of virtual machines and move them between categories without any downtime.


  • Flexible IT infrastructure without having to buy expensive server hardware and deploy virtualization platform without the presence of staff of highly specialized professionals.
  • The IT infrastructure in the cloud dynamically grow with the business, but can be minimized at any time if necessary.
  • Pay only really used resources
  • Programs that allow to receive significant discounts on long-term planning
  • Monthly bills and all the necessary accounting documents
  • Service prices do not change.

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a powerful online file storage service provided by Amazon Official Web Services. Think about it, how about a remote drive where you can store files in directories, receive and delete them. Companies such as DropBox, Netflix, Pinterest, Slideshare, Tumblr and many others rely on it.

Amazon Official Web Services Review:
Although service and excellent, its code is not open, so you have to trust your data Amazon, and even though they provide free access to the instance for a year, you still have to enter your credit card information to create an account. Because S3 everyone should know a software engineer, I want my students to have experience of working with him and used it in their web applications, and even I do not want them to pay for it. Some students are also working while traveling, which means a slow Internet connection and road traffic, or even the complete absence of the Internet.

That's why I started to look for open solutions that emulate S3 API, and which could work on any machine. As usual, Open Source world has not disappointed me and has provided several solutions, here's my favorite:

The first thing I came across was Fake the S3, written in Ruby, and available as a gem, it takes only a few seconds to install, and a library is very well maintained. This is a great tool to start, but it does not implement all the S3 command and is not suitable for use in prodakshene.

The Second Option - it HPE Helion of Eucalyptus, which provides a wide range of emulation AWS Services (CloudFormation, Cloudwatch, ELB...), including support for the S3 . This is a very complete solution (only running on CentOS), focused on Enterprise and, unfortunately, too ponderous for personal use or for your small business.

The last and preferred option is, it Scality S3 server. Available as Docker-image, it is easy to allow it to deploy and start using. Software suitable for personal use, one can start using it in a few seconds without any complicated settings. But it is also suitable for the Enterprise, as It is scalable and ready to prodakshenu. The best of both worlds.

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