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IT Professionals of The Future

IT Professionals of The Future - In our blog "eCloud VPS" we tell about how that will do the job efficiently novice programmer, and even give bad advice in the form of practical tools such as "How do I withdraw myself from the programmer". Today we decided to look at how today can change the IT profession.
IT Professionals of The Future

IT Professionals of The Future

There are very different predictions, but one thing is for sure computer science are not going anywhere. Director of the American Center of Lisette Partelou (Lisette Partelow) at the end of his article wrote that their study is not tied to the code as such, it gives more general and broad range of knowledge, therefore, on what would be the scenario nor the developing world, these skills can be applied in many different professions and in the future.

Available Programming - IT Professionals of The Future

On the popularization of programming among children and adults is directed project, which is supported by many famous people (Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg) and companies (Amazon, Google, and others). InfoWorld editors wrote that soon almost everyone will know how to program. In addition to the courses may discipline will be a mandatory part of elementary school program: already last year this item in the calendar was introduced in the UK. This will significantly increase the IT literacy of the population.

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Program the robot can now as a child and an adult with no special education. This opportunity gives, for example, EZ Robot. To do this, you first need to collect it from the plastic parts as a designer. Guide also contains information on how to teach the robot. But the author of the project says that most ordinary people who are not engineers, able to teach the robot a completely different things. For example, in the instruction was not written to teach the robot how to pour wine into glasses. A 13-year-olds took only 4 hours to assemble the robot and program it using the phone distribute water around the office developers.

QuickBase platform Founder and former PM at Microsoft, Chris Granger considers its main purpose to teach writers, biologists and accountants to use computers to solve their problems. Today, these platforms quite  a lot  and they are all designed to help non-programmers. Tyler Cowen, American economist, writes in his book "Average is Over", that getting these skills, people will be able to apply them in their areas of activity.

For example, a doctor who uses a computer program for a more accurate diagnosis or sales manager who can filter the data of customers to work more effectively, be more consistent with the realities of the future.

But hardly any of these "experts" can become a full-fledged programmer, it's one thing to write a couple of lines of code or master program, and quite another to build a fully working system. But such people can work in the technical field, for example, to become a software engineer, I'm sure Michael J. Koren, the author of this  article.

Coding, Programmers and The Future

The number of programmers around the world has reached 15 million according to The BBC Programming Future. But their number is growing in different countries is not the same: for example, India annually produces 100 thousand professionals in the field of computer science, and Britain - only 10 thousand. So today is actively developing even children's programming courses. In particular, the former Google employee and Amazon Vikas Gupta (Vikas Gupta) has founded in 2012 in Silicon Valley Wonder Workshop, where children are taught to write code. And on the  platform MIT with child Scratch language today registered 6.2 million users. Therefore, the number of experts in the future will only grow.
IT Professionals of The Future

IT Professionals of The Future

The demand for the services of professional programmers in the future is unlikely to disappear: today there are more new languages being developed in corporations. For example, on Facebook Hack created the language, in addition to him, there are Go (Google), Rust (Mozilla ), and many others. Of course, language is created not only IT giants, but also ordinary programmers. New languages are needed to fill the gaps in the application of the existing ones.

The emergence of completely new languages or development of existing can be attributed to the introduction of new technologies. For example, the editors of Fast Company believes that in the modern world of languages is largely influenced by the widespread implementation of cloud infrastructure (for more details, see the section "New infrastructure" in the source). What exactly will affect the language in the future predict difficult right now, but one thing is for sure the work of existing and development of new languages will be for technicians.

IT Professionals of The Future - Special Programming

Today, we can highlight the areas that in the near future will need to be IT Specialists. One of the directions of development of the professions in the areas that will only increase in the future specialization. For example, today develops such direction as stock analysis. Specialist of the profile (the so-called quantum - From the English quant) is essentially a computer programmer in the financial sector.

Junior Consultant and software engineer at Daugherty Business Solutions Olsen Tyler calls one of the most important aspects of the work, especially in HFT-companies speed. In his opinion, is this with C and C++ can not compare any other languages. But one of the leaders of Goldman Sachs Raj Mahajan tells about the possible directions of development in the field of financial services, including elektronifikatsiya, a new generation of market makers and market changes, which will be called quanta. At least up to 2020 photons will be in trend, so any changes in this area may well occur.

Another promising area for programmers advice. Cliff Justice, head of the company-wide practice of outsourcing services and consulting functions at KPMG explains the demand for analysts is constantly increasing volume of data collected and the increase in the number of introduced technologies. Therefore, the company will recruit more database architects, data integration and specialists in the field of IT in planning.

The head of practice of strategic IT-Planning another consulting firm, AT Kearney, P. Kristian Hagen among the sought-after in the future technicians calls Hadoop-developers, database engineers, software developers, large corporate data and databases. In addition, he predicts the emergence of Governors technical positions: Head of Research, Head of databases, head of digital, head of business intelligence and corporate vice president, Information Department will be excellent career opportunities for technicians.

In addition, experts will be in demand for the protection of information in very different areas: the financial sector to the state and medicine. According to the data of US Labor Statistics Bureau, the number of vacancies in the area of data protection by 2024 will grow by 18% and was 97 700 jobs.

IT Professionals of The Future - Other Trends

In addition, new professions will emerge in other developing regions today. For example, the Internet of Things is gaining great momentum. 2020 will be a network of 24 billion items (IoT), and investment in the industry in the next five years will amount to 6 trillion dollars. But the approach to programming in this area is significantly different from the "traditional" programming. It is necessary to use different approaches to solve problems with limited memory and low processor speed, power consumption and radio.

In 2015 in the US it was available 10 thousand jobs in the field of Internet of Things (Internet of Things), and this figure will only grow. It will grow and the need for professionals in related areas: for example, General Electric Company is planning to develop the direction of working with big data, data analysis, integrated intelligent sensors, remote control systems, in order to achieve success in the field of the Internet of things.

Another promising direction - artificial intelligence and robotics. By 2020, the analyst's cognitive, intelligent automation, parallel processing of information will become more developed areas of AI and lead to the beginning of the era of automation. In the opinion of Gartner, 2018, about 3 million workers will work under the "robot boss".

Already mentioned contact Cliff Justice of KPMG, noted that IT Professionals are in great demand and will deal directly with the programming, integration and construction of infrastructure for the organizational applications of AI and robotics.

Cloud technologies will also continue to develop. Experts call the three main areas - increase the use of hybrid cloud services, the introduction of BYOD policy and the emergence of a larger number of cloud brokers (CSB). In the next five years, Gartner expects strong growth in the cloud industry: about $ 1 trillion will be spent on the transition to cloud technologies that make them one of the largest items of expenditure in the IT sector since the beginning of the digital age.

Therefore, experts expect the emergence of jobs related to the management capacities of the clouds. Mike Sutcliffe, director of the Accenture Digital Group believes that because of the transfer on a hybrid environment, will face the question quickly switch from private to public cloud for data processing and storage. This will cause the demand for new technologies and specialties, is missing in most companies. Sutcliffe also predicts demand for some languages (Perl, Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Python, Java, and JavaScript) and specialists with skills API development and DevOps.

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