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Microsoft Office 365 Web Apps

Microsoft Office 365 Web Apps Features

Microsoft Office 365 is a set of the classic applications of Office 365 Professional Plus to be installed on workstations, and cloud-based services, consisting of integrated each other Microsoft services: Exchange, OneDrive, Skype for Business (formerly Lync), Sharepoint. Always the latest version to access the Internet only need services.
Microsoft Office 365 Web Apps

Microsoft Office 365 Web Apps

The software Microsoft Office 365 Web Apps for small, medium and large businesses is a cloud service, hosted on the Microsoft platform, including Office Online applications and supports the Office desktop applications.

Microsoft Office 365 Web Apps - the industry's best set of applications for the office staff, available by subscription. Classic office suite Office Professional Plus applications combined with cloud services, Office 365 will enable your organization to reduce costs and gain the necessary tools for productive work of your users, while ensuring the highest level of security and reliability of these services.

Features of Microsoft Office 365 Web Apps:

  • Up to 15 devices to work with office applications in one subscription per user.
  • View and edit Word documents, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote in Office Online using a web browser on a mobile device using Office Mobile or by classical applications installed on the computer;
  • OneDrive for Business - Cloud Storage 1TB file storage and sharing. Storage is conveniently integrated into the office package (available as a resource for "save as" or a source to open the file) has its own clients for mobile devices and a complete web-based interface for working with files in the repository.
  • Cloud Service Exchange Online e-mail provides employees with access to mailboxes 50 GB, calendars, and contacts from a PC, mobile device and web-browsers. Implemented advanced email archiving and sorting.
  • Corporate Sharepoint portal for storing and structuring general information about the company. Popular solutions for the various processes of approvals of applications to the contract.
  • Instant messaging, online meetings and presentations between the employees of the organization will help to organize the cloud service Skype for Business (formerly Lync). Displaying the presence status of employees, integration with Exchange email service, your own client for mobile devices and personal computers.
  • The private corporate social network Yammer. Most of the employees of companies of small and medium business and many employees of large companies note that the use of social services helps to increase their personal productivity.

Examples Microsoft Office 365 Web Apps usage scenarios for business:

  • If you are using an old email system, we recommend that you consider the option of migrating to Office 365. Cloud This will increase the flexibility, security and reliability of communications, eliminates the need for future upgrades, and will reduce the cost of maintaining the current infrastructure.
  • If your company's business involves the presence of sales agents or freelancers, we recommend that you consider the possibility of connecting employees to enterprise IT services with Office 365. This will increase the efficiency of communication with the central office, to organize distance learning.
  • If you plan to introduce new services for collaboration and unified communications, we recommend that you consider the possibility of implementing these scenarios in Office 365. This will provide users with the necessary tools to be productive, to provide access to business data and applications from anywhere, around the clock, the most simple way.
  • If your business involves a constant exchange of information with partners or clients, conducting remote meetings and conducting online presentations, we recommend to consider the use of Office 365. This will focus on the development of business objectives and relationships with customers and partners without the need of owning their own infrastructure.
  • If you need to quickly launch the modern means of collaboration and unified communications with the ability to quickly connect the required number of users, we recommend that you implement these funds in Office 365. This will minimize the time and cost of running IT solutions data.
  • If you need to combine a large number of remote offices or subsidiaries in a single infrastructure, we recommend that you consider the possibility of construction of standard IT services using Office 365. This will provide the necessary IT resources to users in all departments without significant investment in IT infrastructure.

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