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Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Services

The Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Services, this is an open and flexible platform, allowing you to create, deploy, scale and manage applications in a global network of data centers (DCs) Microsoft, using various programming languages, tools and operating environment. Possibilities of IT-infrastructure is expanding rapidly due to the unlimited resources of the public cloud.
Microsoft Azure Platform

Microsoft Azure Platform

Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Services offers a choice of tools, development tools and technologies for selection and the resources to pay for use basis.

With Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Services you can purchase unlimited resources in the cloud, as well as to take advantage of qualified numerous engineers. Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Services offer access to the Microsoft Azure Services for Microsoft prices with the possibility to pay for services on behalf of a legal entity with full registration of all necessary accounting documents.

Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Services is:

  • Infrastructure and technological platform for business development.
  • Choice of tools, development tools and technologies of your choice.
  • The migration of existing applications.
  • The integration of cloud services with local data.
  • Empower Private Cloud.

Automation and Service:

  • Portal Management
  • API Service Management
  • Integration with System Center and Visual Studio


  • Simple and flexible configuration of any number of virtual machines to develop and test applications in the cloud
  • System control and data storage

Reliability and Stability:

  • Fault tolerance
  • 99.95% SLA
  • Secure connection to the platform from anywhere
  • Scaling and load balancing


  • Pay only for the resources actually used by
  • No need to wait for equipment procurement and completion of internal processes

Scenarios Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Services usage:
For smaller organizations and IT-startups Microsoft Azure gives you the opportunity to reduce infrastructure costs, quickly deploy new applications and provide access to them. Large companies, which already exists a large-scale local infrastructure for its own department of development and maintenance of business applications, can also take advantage of Microsoft Azure, the cloud transferring part of the tasks and applications.
Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Services

Data collection and processing:

This scenario allows you to solve the problem, which is often found in companies working with both clients and partners, and / or have in the state of a large number of employees, spending the bulk of the working time outside the office. Another option, in which the scenario may be relevant - is the collection and processing of any device.

Examples of application scenarios:

  • Opinion poll;
  • Employee survey;
  • Population census;
  • Filling in standard forms for banks, insurance companies;
  • Collecting readings from meters.

Benefits of Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Services in the script:

  • Reliable and fault tolerant storage is relatively inexpensive, the data in the "cloud" can be stored indefinitely.
  • Incoming traffic is free.
  • Processing does not require a large number of resources.
  • Minimum costs for outbound traffic during unloading at the local store or database.

Protected Storage:

Many companies are looking for practical, affordable solutions that enable cloud file storage with the ability to access individual files for groups and individual users control. These solutions increase employee productivity, ensure timely decision-making and significantly reduce the time for access to the data. Microsoft Azure can be used for automatic backups, archives, databases to SQL Server up to 100 TB, and to restore them; supported for this level of access and reliability SLA of 99.95%.
Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Benefits of Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Services in the script:

  • Ability to customize to the needs of the customer.
  • Hosting solutions in their own Microosft Azure account - Simplified management of payments, cost transparency.
  • The ability to store files of virtually unlimited volume - up to 100 TB.

Storage and archiving:

Storage Microsoft Azure Storage has been used successfully to reduce backup and storage costs. By operating costs may include the creation and maintenance of file storage requiring backup and ensure its reliability, availability, and fault tolerance. Azure Cloud Storage meets the highest standards of availability, reliability, scalability and security.

Deploying the test environment (SQL Server, the SharePoint):

the Microsoft the Azure can be used to create test environments in the implementation of SQL Server, and SharePoint. In fact, you can develop a workable prototype of the system in the shortest time and get everything you need to make informed decisions.

Expansion of IT-infrastructure:

the Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Services Platform can be used to extend the enterprise IT-infrastructure, dynamically controlling the allocation of resources to increase the capacity of your data center or remote office. Thus, you can combine the new cloud services and storage in Microsoft Azure c existing services and enterprise systems.

Storage and processing of big data:

  • The Microsoft the Azure provides all the necessary services to address big data processing tasks. The sources of data can be:
  • Internal data (CRM, loyalty programs, profiles, history of purchases, support calls, etc.);
  • External data (geography, demographics, etc.);
  • Data from devices (telemetry, GPS, NFC, ATMs);
  • Data from social networks (ratings and reviews, forums, questions / answers, etc.).

Target acquisition and subsequent processing may require a large number of both computing resources and storage resources, and inputs the processed data - in this case Microsoft Azure provides everything needed for fast implementation scenario.

Hybrid Services

Transfer of part of the enterprise infrastructure in the Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Services is the way to reduce the cost of ownership. And the extra power of the Microsoft Azure will help rapidly expand capacity of existing infrastructure. New cloud services and storage in Microsoft Azure can be combined with existing enterprise systems and services. Virtual machines can be converted from its data center in the Microsoft Azure and back.

Backup for Websites: 

Decisions related to backup and subsequent restoration of a web-site, allows for backup mechanism for a web-site based on Microsoft Azure Storage warehouse. This scenario allows for compatibility at the level of the web-server and database, as well as to implement the ability to start up a web-site directly from the cloud.

Mobile access to resources: 

the Microsoft allows you to use the Azure cloud to provide mobile access to company resources for employees, partners and end users. The corresponding decision meets the requirements for security (support authorization of corporate mechanisms level), scalability (adequate response to incoming requests, the allocation of the necessary resources to handle changing the number of appeals) and to support a variety of mobile devices as an interface level and at the level of interaction methods.

Using the media: 

The composition of the Azure services platform includes the Microsoft component for multimedia data (Microsoft Azure Media Services). It helps reduce the cost of handling streaming media, live broadcast and on-demand broadcasts. Using Microsoft Azure Media Services enables us to provide video information in the form of an adaptive flow, taking into account the speed of user connections and integration with Active Directory provides the distribution of the rights to work with data and attributes of the organization's staff.

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