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Technologies Used in Cloud Computing - Quality of Services

Regarding Technologies Used in Cloud Computing, according to research Gartner Agency, popular myths about cloud computing is their in-applicability for business-critical applications. But this is not the case, as evidenced by the latest trends, as companies from the early days of using the cloud to support your business.

Critical Business Applications

Critical Business Application can be installed on the "big" server with 16 processors and multiple terabytes of memory is not so much because of the need for such a performance, but with the increased levels of machine reliability. The servers of this class is much more than redundant components, preventing all kinds of hardware failures. Also, duplication occurs and at higher levels.
Technologies Used in Cloud Computing

Technologies Used in Cloud Computing

Technologies Used in Cloud Computing - For example, all infrastructure components which greatly reduces the risk of downtime, and the equipment used has high availability, security and performance (for more information about the "hardware" you can find on the link ).

If you need an example of "big" and important applications in the cloud, take a look at SAP HANA. SAP has long been a leading global provider of enterprise management systems. Developed by them HANA product is a high-performance database management system for demanding applications with an unusual data placement. All user information database stored in the server's RAM and available for query at minimum cost.

With Technologies Used in Cloud Computing, a similar position in relation to virtual systems and Oracle takes scripting virtualization one of the most popular database systems for heavy Oracle Database. And this is not all the examples.

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Moreover, our work is aimed at meeting a wide range of requirements and wishes of clients to the IT Infrastructure. This implies an active position in dealing with appeals. No matter when and in what way you contact us for more information, you always get a competent, prompt and courteous response on the merits (we described the principles of our support in the previous post ).
Quality of Services

Quality of Services

Important role in this was played by the automation. It allows you to quickly and efficiently handle customer requests, manage virtual machines and to offer a level of service that is not capable of providing some foreign colleagues.

My data in the cloud poorly protected

Protecting the cloud is not much different from the protection of a traditional data center, approaches are the same. Sometimes I even get to use the security tools already familiar. This provider is doing everything he can to ensure data integrity and high availability:
  • Network access to the virtual server to the client is usually limited to the external firewall protection function of a variety of attacks including DDoS-attacks;
  • The virtual client environments is isolated at the level of the control software. In other words, apply the policy of differentiation of access rights to employees of the data center and customer specialists;
  • As for the information on the disk, it can be encrypted both on the provider level (repository virtual disks), and at the client level (logical drives, user folders).
Technologies Used in Cloud Computing
Clouds allow to realize the same level of confidentiality of a local data center. Add to that a powerful infrastructure provider of professional data center, security and the ability to comply with corporate policies system, you'll have a good platform for storing important information.

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