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The Cloud Hosting DigitalOcean - Free Additional IP

The Cloud Hosting DigitalOcean - If you have not tried Cloud Hosting DigitalOcean, it seems progress has bypassed your side, because at the moment it is probably one of the best cloud solutions in a world where just $ 5 you can get a droplet in one of the 6 points of presence in Europe / USA / Canada or Singapore, which is enough for the eyes for any personal blog.
The Cloud Hosting DigitalOcean

The Cloud Hosting DigitalOcean

As this cloud hosting, is a part of the most critical downtime, service I keep it on the DigitalOcean Servers and up to a certain point professed principle of the droplet 1 = 1 site that was not crossing over IP and with some possible questions.

The Cloud Hosting DigitalOcean

But with a convenient opportunity I learned that appears recently in Digital Ocean the opportunity to connect additional IP address for free. And for free given the same IP address on the droplet, which can bind one to each droplet to backup or just the additional IP addresses.

Moreover, if you wish, you can rebind the IP to any machine of your pool. That is why it is called a floating IP - Floating IP. It is conceived as the realization of the HA failover, ie, a fall which the grid, you can redirect traffic to a different IP, or simply use a round-robin to open the site with a random IP address, but it can also be used for other websites that they do not overlap with the coordinates of its neighbors in the server.

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This is done in several steps - to start going to the admin panel Digital Ocean from the top menu and select the item Networking. On the new page, we see a single point Assign a Floating IP in which the drop-down menu, select the desired droplet us and click on the button Assign a Floating IP.

IP is not available directly on the droplet, and through the NAT technology, which allows almost immediately are forwarding the required IP on any of the machines, in fact changing the network configuration on the fly.

The Cloud Hosting DigitalOcean

But in order to bind the IP, we need to set the primary address on the internal interface that will are forwarding our external IP. Therefore, in the file / etc / sysconfig / network-scripts / ifcfg-eth0 prescribes handles the additional IP system that will give the dialogue Assign a Floating IP.
can just tell from the management console ssh Droplet
# echo 'IPADDR2 =' | sudo tee -a / etc / sysconfig /
network-scripts / ifcfg-eth0 and then reboot the grid
# service network restart

If you do not have ssh-client, you can use VNC Web Console accessible from the admin area. To do this, it must be said from the top menu Droplet -> click at the right server -> see Console Access button in the button Console Access -> then you open VNC session. If you see just a black screen, then it is necessary to click with the mouse and press any key. Then came the login promt offering to enter a login and password you were given when creating a droplet.

After restarting the system, you need to add the IPs to your web server, so that it processes the request to him. Unnecessarily I have is hosting the management console Vesta CP, then I added the internal address with / 16 mask ( and the indication to an external address.

After that everything was working properly. It worked.

Perhaps that you will not open the site, then you need to add the appropriate rule in the firewall so that it does not block the transmission of packets on the internal grid.

The only time that the additional IP addresses free when you use them, if you have ordered them, but not assigned to the droplet, ie, they have idle, the Digital Ocean Sloop with you for their money, and not small, in the neighborhood of $ 4.5 . So do not particularly redneck and gain additional IP more than you can spend.

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