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Amazon Web Services Cloud - Amazon Offers to Transfer Data Suitcases

Amazon Web Services CloudParadoxically, at this times, to bring cloud-based data from one data center to another or simply upload them to the cloud will quickly send the information by courier, on physical media, rather than a few days to wait for the download. Amazon Company is familiar with this problem and offers a solution.
Amazon Offers to Transfer Data Suitcases

Amazon Offers to Transfer Data Suitcases

Amazon has many years offers its clients a service of its own AWS Import / Export. If the company has a problem with the Internet, Amazon cloud data can be sent to physically but not on the network.

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Now the company has introduced a new Snowball device is a strange-looking, but very handy case for transport of data, up to 50 TB. The device is aimed at the transfer of information in the Amazon Web Services Cloud, so that its benefits can be assessed only Amazon customers, though large.

The Snowball, a secure case, weighing 22.6 kilograms, can accommodate up to 50 TB of data. This strange-looking "suitcase" withstand any strikes, bad weather, falling with acceleration 6G, it is resistant to cracking, and is equipped with everything you need, including a 10-gigabit network card and E-Ink display. The Snowball, if you wish, you can even just send in the mail, because in a way it is unlikely that something will happen to him.

Order Snowball customers can service through AWS Import / Export, its use will cost $ 200. The smelters data is given 10 days, over this period will be charged $ 15 per day. Amazon does not charge its customers the money for loading data into the cloud, but if you need to upload the information, it will cost $ 0.03 per 1 GB.

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