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IaaS for Business - The main advantages of the cloud

IaaS for Business

Cloud Technologies have long been discussed topic, interest in which is shown on separate levels of organizations, including representatives of senior and management, IT Professionals and end users. Each of the aforementioned groups is interested in one thing: to get the maximum benefits.
IaaS for Business

IaaS for Business

Analytical company also did not stand aside. Publishing periodic reports, statistics reflect the adoption of one or other organizations of cloud solutions, analysts estimate the annual involvement of the companies in the cloud and stream build forecasts. Daryl Plummer, to an expert analyst, says that "the process of adaptation of the cloud is rapidly gaining momentum, and there are no preconditions to the contrary".

IaaS for Business

Today, many organizations, instead of buying iron and software, lease areas and deploy its own infrastructure in the data center, often lean toward choosing cloud services, giving preference to IaaS. As an example,  the MDGs (Speech Technology Center), has made a choice in favor of the "cloud" because of its flexibility and accessibility. The Company leases the virtual computing power necessary for testing and implementation of external projects that require high availability.

# Saving Money

Because the problem in individual organizations can be quite different, it is especially important to understand how to use cloud technologies achieved cost savings. The Boston Consulting Group (BGG) has developed the concept of a curve "growth overall efficiency", demonstrating how manufacturing costs are reduced as the number of manufactured goods. Therefore, the more you produce and the more goods on the market, the lower the cost of production of the commodity. This is typical and cloud technologies.
IaaS for Business

IaaS for Business

In addition, a recent report prepared by O'Reilly Media, shows the approximate cost of internal IT managed services and cloud infrastructure. It is important to understand that if you choose a reliable cloud provider, the quality and availability of services provided by the cloud will be significantly higher compared to the independent control of internal IT and Managed Operations.

# Flexible Service Model

Often cloud services compared with traditional public services (water or electricity) for a better understanding of the principles. The book The Big Switch, the best evidence.

"The fragmentation (in the context of IT which established and managed by the system, under the control of individual organizations) useless. It involves huge capital investment and high fixed costs, which leads to excessive costs and high level of redundancy in terms of both the technology and labor. As soon as it becomes possible to provide solutions centrally, major utility providers displace private. In the end, in front of such savings is hard to resist".

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When planning requirements for the infrastructure of the organization are repelled from the peak, estimated resource requirements. This means that it is necessary to allocate a number of resources which can cover the greatest possible load. The chart below demonstrates this idea.

The green line indicates the local infrastructure. It demonstrates how a large, resource-intensive physical infrastructure appear surplus production capacity or the lack of them. The purple line is attributable to the actual demand, shows the benefits of a cloud infrastructure that meets current consumer demand.

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