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NetApp Technology in The IT City

Who knows what makes NetApp Data Storage Systems

NetApp makes data storage systems, and this is very important. The company has two global approach: block and file access. Initially seen as a NetApp file storage, and with the release of the latest NFS and SMB 3.0 vendor recommends that a glance at the file access. In the end, it is more convenient, especially in the context of virtual machine management. In addition, NetApp is the company, which in itself creates innovation. Its solutions capture the market. Just look at 1992: manufacturer comes out with good "snapshot" that does not affect the performance. It takes 20 years, same goes with them EMC.
NetApp Technology in The IT City

NetApp Technology in The IT City

Another interesting fact is that the NetApp innovative solutions, offered by the market, did not immediately perceived by the public. Take, for example, in 2002, when the company offered a unified access out of the box. This was the only year in the history of NetApp, where sales fell heavily. This happened due to the fact that the vendor looked at the block "storadzhey" Market. NetApp criticized for pseudo "Fibre Channel", "Fibre Channel Moon through a file and so on. But it took 11 years, and the same thing, only with a different sauce, we see from Hewlett-Packard and EMC. As practice shows, all NetApp solutions initially for work and promising.

NetApp E-Series and EF-Series

NetApp E-Series and EF-Series

NetApp E-Series and EF-Series

Special attention is given range of NetApp storage systems and E-series EF. Devices range from E-Series are indispensable in situations where a dedicated storage, especially if the data management functions are performed by the application. Designed to simplify SAN line of E-Series is characterized by a dynamic disk pools that eliminate the need to manage the RAID-arrays, marked by robust algorithms queuing IO, optimized for use with solid state drives and the possibility of mirroring, data replication, recovery, and flexible allocation resources.

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As for the EF Series arrays, a data storage system based on solid-state drives are designed for high-speed transactional business applications that require low latency, high performance, reliability and data availability.

NetApp SANtricity Storage Manager

And a few words about the guarantee of high performance, reliability and data protection for application workloads. This and much more is organized with the help of SANtricity Technologies.

Of particular interest are the Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP), or dynamic disk pools that provide a flexible high-performance storage systems for environments with high demands on disk space. The architecture of the new generation of DDP to minimize the impact of failure drives productivity and allows you to restore the system to 8 times faster than with traditional RAID technology.
NetApp Technology in The IT City

NetApp Technology in The IT City

And if we talk about caching tier to the SSD, it runs in read-only mode, and enables intelligent read cache for the detection and location of the "hot" a subset of the data on the SSD and place most of the workload on the most economical storage medium, reducing on storage costs and increasing system performance. In addition, NetApp offers synchronous and asynchronous replication.

Configuration Storage

  • And another important point is the configuration storage. We offer to remember especially for RAID Arrays. Here are some useful conclusions:
  • RAID 0 is characterized by the volume and speed, but it is fragile. If failure overlooks one of the hard drives - data is lost.
  • The most popular in the world of RAID - RAID 10, reliable enough, a quick but redundant, because at least half of the disc is spent on software fault tolerance.
  • As for RAID 5, the manufacturer does not recommend using this array at a volume of more than 500 GB. That is, in the case of the "mechanics" with a volume of more than 500 GB disk should review the security policy.
  • RAID-DP data as a means of protection from double disk failure.
Today, when the question of data protection plays an important role, RAID-DP is particularly noteworthy. As a standard feature Data ONTAP, RAID-DP allows you to protect your data from double disk failure. The fact that increasing amounts of storage to protect critical data becomes an easy task. Discs have become more, but it did not affect their reliability. In addition, with increasing volume significantly increases the time it takes to restore a failed disk using the parity redundant array of independent hard drives (RAID). A proportional increase in the amount of disk media resulting in possible occurrence of bit errors and block during recovery. As a result, this increases the likelihood of a double failure and data loss. And although there are other implementations of RAID technology with 6 double parity, RAID-DP only provides protection from double disk failures in the same RAID group without significantly affecting performance.

Also, RAID-DP allows to use cheaper SATA disks into enterprise storage systems that does not entail the risk of data loss.

The product line of NetApp FAS storage systems, and more
I checked the time that NetApp FAS storage systems provides IT efficiency, improves application availability and simplify data management. In addition to the above, FAS product line is characterized by maximum efficiency and flexibility in terms of performance, capacity and empowerment. In addition, the NetApp is compatible with itself, and this is an important advantage. What is the nuance? The fact that in FAS-22 Series, 3270 FAS, FAS 6240 - using the same version of the OS, it works the same way. And the shelves, which are connected to these systems, you can connect to the new equivalent without data migration. Moreover, the articulated system can be combined with the new cluster and work as a whole, despite the fact that the two different generation.

As for the line 25-Series and 8000-th, that solutions of primary and enterprise-level. Note that the technology works is equivalent to each of them, except that the initial level on the line is not realized MetroCluster, since it requires the physical separation virtualization controllers and external disk arrays.

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