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All About The Project "eCloud VPS"

eCloud VPS was the result of informal discussions between the two co-founders have extensive experience in the sphere of high technologies. It was their precise meeting about this business. Exchanging stories about their needs as owners of online businesses, they discussed the difficulties encountered, as well as the need to address the many issues that prevent lesson the main activity.

When the two discussed the theme of Cloud Computing, they asked each other the same question:

What did you do when the co-hosting was not enough, if you have started to use their own servers?

Realizing that affected the weak point of many entrepreneurs, they have long discussed the question of determining the possible solutions to the problem, and finally came to the idea eCloud VPS Blog satisfy them. Soon they went to work. eCloud VPS provide the valuable information about simplifies the tedious task of creating and maintaining servers as companies that provide shared hosting, and ofcourse they provide not good enough solution. Owning a business has an account Amazon Web Services (AWS), no longer need to waste your valuable time and money on maintenance and management of its AWS Servers. eCloud VPS is a simple and intuitive solution to find the practicle information all about cloud computing at single platform.

If you are visiting our website, you have probably already heard of cloud technologies. However, let me ask you a few questions:

What do you know about the nature of this relatively new phenomenon? Can you give a clear definition?
Think cloud computing is only applicable within the framework of the Internet? Or, the zone of their action is boundless?
We are confident that the "cloud" is a newfangled term? Or do you see it in a way, that will determine the further development of IT?
If you can not answer these three simple questions, then our site is the place where you will find answers to these and many other questions.

The main task of eCloud VPS is provision of relevant information from the sphere of cloud technologies.

Welcome to the first echelon of the landing of the cloud computing!

With best regards, the team eCloud VPS

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