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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy of personal information (hereinafter - the Policy) applies to all information that eCloud VPS can get about users and students during their use of the Service.

Use of the Service, indicates your acceptance of the User with this Policy and its terms and conditions specified in the collection and processing of personal information; in case of disagreement with these terms User shall refrain from using the Service.

Terms and Definitions

Services: All services provided by eCloud VPS in accordance with the terms of the User Agreement.

Website: Provides access to the Service Site located on the Internet at the following address

User Agreement: An agreement between the User and containing all the necessary and essential conditions of access to the Service and the use of users of the service, which is an integral part of this Policy.

The user, you is a physical person who created the profile in the Service and agree to the terms of the User Agreement and this Policy. Users of the service are the Parents and Teachers Students and Students, on the processing of personal data which is provided full and unconditional consent of the parents of pupils.

The Student: A minor natural person has access to the service and the possibility of its use as a result of information about it's parents or teachers.

Teacher: Physical person accessing the Service, teaching pupils and has the right by law or agreement to provide Personal information about the student.

Parent: Physical person accessing the Service for the purposes of Student Assistance in obtaining access to the Service, as well as information about the results of using Apprentice Service. For the purposes of this Policy by a parent means any trustee or guardian of a minor, who acts on its behalf and in its interests. Consent of other parents, guardians and / or guardians implied.

The School: Public or private educational institution, which trains pupils.

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure adequate protection of information about users, including their personal data from unauthorized access and disclosure, enabling the use of users of the service, and the disciple.

Rights and Obligations of The Parties gives users access to the service on the Internet with the required level of access security and the implementation of interruptions for maintenance. may engage third parties to provide the service without notification / consent of the User. allows users to use any materials of the Service, in any manner not inconsistent with the U.S laws and this Agreement. assumes no responsibility for any consequences of a security breach, including any loss or damage of data that occurred as a result of third-party access to the Service. reserves the right, but not the obligation, to conduct moderation of all the materials submitted by the User in the Service, that is, to monitor the content of these materials and, if necessary, in its sole discretion, without notice and explanation to delete or move them. assumes no responsibility for any consequences of acts committed under the moderation process.

You agree that may, at its sole discretion and without prior or subsequent notice to you and explain the reasons to limit or block access to the Service or take other action against the user who violates the terms of this Agreement or the regulations of the current legislation, or protected by law rights of third parties in the event of a complaint motivated by them.

Parents hereby agree, represent and warrant that all acts committed disciple of using the Service, will be pre-approved by Parents. Hereby established a presumption of approval of the parents of all pupils of actions carried out by the latter when using the Service.

Parents & Teachers hereby represents and warrants that they will supervise students while using the Service. All actions Students will be made under their direct control, with their unconditional consent and approval.

Parent will not allow use by students of the Service without the consent, approval. Parent agrees to monitor each use case Apprentice Service. Parent shall bear all the consequences of non-compliance with such terms. Parent acknowledges and agrees that can not control, and assumes no obligations under the access control to the Student Service. All acts committed disciple, create rights and obligations to his parents, who are its legitimate representatives.

The teacher will not allow use of the Service without the consent of the pupil, the approval of parents of pupils. The teacher agrees to monitor each use case Apprentice Service.

Intellectual Property

All materials presented on the Site, including images, code, logos, graphics and the job is intellectual property and protected in accordance with U.S Legislation on intellectual property. reserves all rights, ownership and exclusive rights to services and intellectual property owned by, including all copyrights, trademarks, know-how, trade names, proprietary rights, patents, software code, audiovisual effects, themes, stories, artwork, graphics and as well as all of the applications and add-ons and modifications to them. Except as otherwise expressly permitted by mandatory rules of U.S Law, intellectual property and the service can not be copied, reproduced or distributed in any way in any medium in whole or in part, without the prior written consent All rights not expressly granted to the User under this Agreement expressly reserved by

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